Hieroglyph 3.7

Edits the text and provide real-time support for multi-language writing
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Michael Morozov
Write in multiple languages based on the real-time engine that switches between languages without switching the keyboard's layout. Includes a calculator, a Unicode font character map, multiple find and replace functions, a Cyrillic/Universal decoder as well as a local converter.

Hieroglyph is a highly-featured text editor that gives us the opportunity to write in almost any language without the need to switch the language of our keyboard, or install additional languages. In addition to the standard editing options that most word processors offer, that is, fonts settings, page layout, preview and printing options, copy/paste, copy to clipboard, etc., this excellent application provides a calculator, a Unicode font character map, find-and-replace and multireplace functions, Cyrillic/Universal decoder, local converter, plus the possibility to switch the language of the user interface from English into Russian or Hungarian.

We can set many shortcut keys, and, more importantly, we may associate a large number of file extensions, so that they are automatically opened with this utility. There is also an excellent US English/British English/Russian spell checker, and direct access to a Thesaurus web site. The user interface is quite nice and easy to understand, so it does not really matter that the help guide is only available in Russian. And the best of all, this multilingual program is completely free.

Review summary


  • Free
  • Russian/English spell checker
  • Multilingual characters
  • English/Russian/Hungarian GUI
  • Direct access to Thesaurus website
  • Calculator
  • Character map
  • Virtual keyboard


  • The minor disadvantage is that the help guide is only in Russian
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